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seattle golf R

AWD, small motors, big snails, big fun

Welcome to the Golf R site for Seattle area enthusiasts. We're a group for greater Seattle area VW Golf Rs, R32s, and our peers with GTIs, GLIs and all other VAG & Audi enthusiasts.

In our group, we're not about status, stance, or the usual elitism you find with many enthusiast clubs. We are enthusiasts who love our cars and want to be able to hang out with other like-minded people. We all have different ideas, come from different backgrounds, and lead different lives. Mutual respect is a priority for us. Some of us have bone stock cars while others have done more than they care to admit.

We may not be experts, but we have VW-certified technicians in the group as well as people who have been modifying and enhancing VWs for years. We are open to answering questions and helping each other whenever possible.

A link to our facebook group is below. Request to be added and an admin will approve you. We keep the group closed for privacy of the members.